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Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver: What the Trade means for the Defending Champs

The ink on the contract was still drying when the Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver trade made waves yesterday. As reported by the teams, The Cavs are sending Mike Dunleavy, Mo Williams, and their 2019 first round pick to the Hawks. In exchange, they get Korver, 35.

“Among the most prolific and dynamic 3-point shooters in NBA history, a selfless and team-first competitor,” Cavs GM David Griffin said, happily welcoming Korver to the team. He added, “Kyle brings all of the elements of Cavs DNA that we covet on and off the floor.” What does this mean for the champs?

Loading Up For A Repeat

The Cavaliers’ office seems to have become a bit smarter, since LeBron made his return to Cleveland (funny how that happens). They’ve been able to make the right roster moves, unloading top picks Anthony Bennet and Andrew Wiggins for necessary championship pieces like Kevin Love. Now, they’re in total win-now mode, trying to establish a dynasty before age catches up with LeBron. Korver makes sense with this plan, which made the Hawks a perfect trade partner. Atlanta looks ready to hit the reset button.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver trade offers the defending champions a huge long-rang offensive weapon. Korver is a 43% career 3-point shooter; this number bumped as high as 45% with the Hawks. And so far this season, he’s averaging 10 points along with 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

Imagine Korver coming off the bench, instantly forcing opponent teams to extend their defense to the arc. Korver could gives the Cavs offensive options. He could draw the defense on switches, spreading the floor out for LeBron and Kyrie. He could punish teams if they give their attention to Kevin Love and JR Smith instead, leaving him on the weak side. Plus, he’s been to the Playoffs 9 times in his 14-year career. No championship team is without their battle-hardened veterans.

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver Trade – Too Much for the Warriors?

Don’t forget that the Cavs still consider Golden State its biggest threat. In fact, it’s almost a certainty that they were keeping a potential third Finals duel in mind when they inked Korver. If the Warriors turn their series into a shootout, Korver would allow the Cavs to counter. He’s an even bigger threat from outside than JR Smith is.

One day, both the Cavs and the Warriors will drop from their high perches in the league. Other stars beyond Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and LeBron James will take over. But until that happens, the Cavs want to make sure that they have one-upped Warriors, and this may be one of the moves they need to make.

We’ll see how the Cleveland Cavaliers Kyle Korver trade changes that match-up when the champs visit Oracle Arena on Jan. 17.

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