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Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks: Phil Jackson Might Want Him Out

Is Carmelo Anthony’s time in the Big Apple over? Some certainly think so. Sure, players don’t usually pay attention to the passionate ramblings of fans, or overblown statements by the media. But in this case, it is Charley Rosen – a longtime friend of Knicks president Phil Jackson – who is speaking his mind.

A sports column written by Rosen last Jan. 12 indicate that Anthony’s presence with the New York Knicks is no longer welcome. Considering how close Jackson and Rosen are, Anthony has simply made the connection. He’s assuming, the words are Jackson’s, not just Rosen’s.

Carmelo Anthony’s Legs: Going, Going, Gone

“Carmelo Anthony’s legs are going, going, gone,” Rosen’s column reads. He goes on to criticize Anthony’s unwillingness to spend energy on defense so that he can expend more on his isolation plays. According to Rosen’s observations, player movement and game plans grind to a halt for the Knicks because of him. The conclusion? “The only sure thing is that Carmelo Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York.”

Those comments, coupled with the Knicks’ collapsing Playoff hopes, have put pressure on the 32-year-old forward. Carmelo felt compelled to respond to the media a few days later:

“If that’s the case… I guess it’s a conversation we should have,” he said according to CBS Sports. Carmelo is in the middle of a 5-year contract with a no-trade clause. Until now, he claims he’d never even thought about leaving New York. But now it seems like he’d be willing to waive that clause, given the extent of the rhetoric going around. “If they feel like my time in New York is over, I guess that’s a conversation we should have.”

In fairness to Anthony, he has largely been committed to playing for the Knicks. He came to New York for the 2010-11 season, ready to step up as the franchise’s new face. He’s an 8-time All-Star and remains a scoring threat to this day. But failing to make the playoffs for the last three years does tend to bring up a lot of scrutiny. “That seems to be the trend when you start losing, people want to start searching,” he said.

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The Future for New York Knicks

What does the future hold for the New York Knicks, in that case? Well, general sentiment is that Kristaps Porzingis is the franchise’s future. Charley Rosen’s article agrees with that: “The young man has the attitude, the work ethic, and the talent to become a perennial All-Star.”

Anthony, along with Derrick Rose, started out the season as the Knicks’ two most important players. Now they look like afterthoughts, sitting on the backburner while KP racks up more and more fans in New York. The cries to rebuild around him are getting louder and louder. Sports blogs online are alive with suggestions on where he should head to, next. LA? Oklahoma City? Toronto?

Carmelo Anthony says there’s a conversation he and Phil Jackson should have. Perhaps, he should be knocking on the New York Knicks president’s door soon.

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