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2017 NBA All Star Starters: Who’s Chosen and Who’s Snubbed

The ballots are in, and we have our 2017 NBA All Star Starters. The results come after a 3-week voting period. Fans, the media and the players themselves shared weight in the final results. Unsurprisingly, LeBron James and Stephen Curry led the way for their respective Conferences.

The Rosters


  • G – Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • G – DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors
  • F – LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • F – Gianis Antetokounmpo,  Milwaukee Bucks
  • F – Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls


  • G – Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
  • G – James Harden, Houston Rockets
  • F – Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors
  • F – Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs
  • F – Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans

The results aren’t all too surprising, given that All Star Voting is largely a popularity contest (for the fans, at least). Everyone on the list is worthy to some degree. Also, there’s no Zaza Pachulia to worry about, so there’s that. Antetokounmpo also gets his first turn as an All Star; fans unfamiliar with the Greek Freak will get a kick of watching his athleticism match up with the likes of James and Leonard.


However, that’s not to say there aren’t a few more people who are more deserving to be on the list. Unless the coaches of either team don’t pick them up for their reserves, we won’t consider them All Star snubs just yet. However, they certainly have strong cases for making the NBA All Stars Starter list.

EAST: Kyle Lowry, Toronto Raptors; Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics; John Wall, Washington Wizards

The most difficult decision comes for the East’s backcourt, which is full of deserving players. DeMar DeRozan, however dynamic he is, loses by a hair to these guys in terms of recent performances. Kyle Lowry, averaging 22.2 points and 7.1 assists, deserves to be on the roster over his teammate DeRozan. He’s shooting from 3-point land at a blistering 44%, well over his 37% career average.

@johnwall's taken his game to another level for the @washwizards! #NBAMiniMix

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Thomas and Wall have been turning in respectable performances as well. Isaiah’s been living up to his “King in the Fourth” moniker, typically blazing in the money period. John Wall is averaging a double-double of 23 points and 10 assists, and regularly in the discussion for Eastern Conference Player of the Week.

WEST: Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

Just Russell. Sure, you can make cases for DeMarcus Cousins, even Karl-Anthony Towns. But the only name really missing from the NBA All Star Starters list is Westbrook. Doing his best Oscar Robertson impression, Westbrook has been averaging a triple double for the Thunder, and is racing with Harden for this season’s MVP Award.

Stephen Curry managed to outdo Russell Westbrook in voting due to the sheer star power he’s accumulated over the last two years. And Curry’s still a Top-5 Player in the league. But if we’re talking about who’s having the better season as an individual player, this is hardly a question.

What do you think? Any other players you expected on the NBA All Star Starters List? Let us hear about it in the comments below!

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