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Tom Brady Takes On Missing Jersey Investigation

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots is rolling up his sleeves and taking on his missing jersey investigation himself. Well… sort of, at least. The star quarterback has come up with a list of potential suspects for the theft of his Super Bowl jersey. His final list of potential offenders was posted onto a “suspect board”, a photo of which he shared on his Instagram account.

And among them are… his teammate, a shark, and several fictional characters. Okay, so maybe pinning suspicion on Julian Edelman might still be a little reasonable, if not farfetched. But by the time we’ve taken a look at the other suspects, it stands to reason that he just decided to have a little fun. It’s been weeks since his jersey went missing – stolen, in all likelihood. So perhaps the five-time Super Bowl champion just has decided to take the situation in stride.

The Suspect Board

The caption of Tom Brady’s post reads: “Hey @edelman11, Ya suspect, yeah you! I don’t know what your reputation is in this town, but after that (expletive) you pulled, you can bet I’ll be looking into you!”

The other suspects on Tom Brady’s board? Well, here are some of the people on that list, along with Brady’s annotations for his suspicion of them:

  • Lady Gaga, the Superbowl LI Halftime Performer (“Escape ropes?”)
  • Juian Edelman of the New England Patriots (“Sneaky lil squirrel”)
  • Gollum from Lord of the Rings (“Loves rings!”)
  • “Guy Who Stole Khaleesis Egg” – Pyat Pree, a minor villain from Game of Thrones (“creepy”)
  • Gary Oak from Pokemon (“Bad kid! Says, ‘smell ya later’!”)
  • The shark from Jaws (“Takes things without asking, violent history!”)
  • O’Doyle Family (“Notorious brotherhood of bullies, repeat stealer of lunches”)

So much for taking matters into his own hands.

A Half-Million Dollar Crime

It was after the Patriots comeback victory against the Atlanta Falcons on Feb. 5 that Tom Brady first noticed that his jersey was missing. Since then, he’s filed a case for it. The Houston Police Department has valued the jersey at a staggering $500,000 dollars. That’s an amount that probably bloated in value since it was worn during a Super Bowl for the record books.

A police report acquired by TMZ noted that it’s being handled by the “Major Offenders” division. That basically means that the theft is being treated as a 1st degree crime.

While it’s a major shame that he might not be able to hang onto that jersey as a relic of the Pats’ win, it’s good to see that he can be quite self-deprecating, at least on social media. Perhaps, the trouble seems small when he remembers that he’s got five championship rings and a movie’s getting made about him.

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