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NFL News 2016: Robert Griffin III returns to help Cleveland Browns

NFL News 2016 — Robert Griffin III is coming back to salvage what is left of the disappointing season for the Cleveland Browns.

Robert Griffin III injury

Griffin has been put on reserve list due to various injuries he had in the past months. In his absence, Cody Kessler, Josh McCown and Terrelle Pryor had share of the burden of being the Browns’ quarterback. However, their standings reflect that they failed miserably.

Per SB Nation, one of the most intriguing NFL news 2016 is that the Browns are currently the only winless team in the league. Griffin is raring to return to help. “We’ve got six games left this year, a chance to finish strong, and if I get a chance to be a part of that, I definitely want to,” Griffin’s statement reads.

Griffin was injured in their opening game against the Philadelphia Eagles. It remains to be seen if his shoulder injury will have any effect on his quarterbacking skills this season. Should the Browns try to field him in and risk aggravating his medical situation?

NFL News 2016: Griffin to improve Cleveland Browns’ record

According to Fox Sports, the Browns have been winless for a reason: they are bad on both offense and defense. They will try to at least win a game to avoid being historically linked to Detroit Lions, who did not win a single match in 2008. The Lions is the only team in NFL to record 0-16 in a season.

A lot of injuries among key players contributed to Cleveland’s struggles. Despite the odds against them, vice president of football operations Sashi Brown remains optimistic. “We don’t want to be here (at 0-10), but we also believe we’re on the way to a much brighter future,” he added.

The Browns will face Pittsburgh Steelers twice, New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers in their remaining games. These teams are no pushovers, the Bengals have even beaten them before this season. If Cleveland Browns do not want to be at the wrong end of history books, they should do something they have not done before.

Believing in themselves and not losing hope is a good start.

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