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Lady Gaga Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Highlights [Watch]

The Lady Gaga Super Bowl Halftime show didn’t disappoint. For a moment, people forgot that the Patriots were trailing the Hawks by 18, because all eyes were going to the highly anticipated performance – a yearly tradition of spectacle.

Hitting The Right Notes

Lady Gaga started the performance high above the RGN Stadium, with a brief bit from God Bless America. She declared a familiar phrase: “One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.” Gaga was clad in silver, a glittering long-sleeved ensemble with shoulder pads and boots, reminiscent of the rock stars of the 1980’s. Her face and eyes were decorated with minimal silver face paint as well – an extravagant, yet very classy touch.

She dropped down, suspended on wires, and the show was on.

Lady Gaga started off with one of the hits that launched her career into the atmosphere, Poker Face. She even paused at the lyrics, “I want to hold ’em like they do in Texas, please,” giving the fans at Houston, Texas a moment to relish the moment. It was all fireworks – both figuratively and literally – as her dancers came out to join in the spectacle.

It was clear right away that this performance had been rehearsed extensively for months. Gaga’s movements were crisp, her energy was high, and the dancers had no problem in getting the crowd to join in.

She soon switched into Born This Way, one of her biggest singles of the early 2010’s. It’s an understatement to say that the audience responded well. It was also the most political her performance was going to get. The inclusive nature of that song may have been a response to certain political motions as of late. Otherwise, the performance was all spectacle.

When the first lyrics of Telephone were sung, the audience exploded as well. Was Beyoncé going to come out and join in on their duet? Sadly, there was no surprise appearance from Queen Bey, but Gaga managed to hold the show all on her own. She switched into a football-inspired outfit, all silver and white, and then switched into Just Dance.

A Huge Finale

The tempo of her performance slowed down for just a minute for Gaga to present a wonderfully emotional rendition of Million Reasons. She hit the keyboards, and the fireworks took a break, giving way to a thousand lights held up by the crowd. She greeted a quick “Hi, mom, hi, dad,” for her parents, too. It’s probably too difficult to describe the feeling of watching your daughter perform at the biggest stage of all.

To give Lady Gaga’s performance a grand finale, the music of Bad Romance came on. The Little Monsters in the audience went into a frenzy. She gave all the Super Bowl fans one last greeting before catching a ball and leaping off the stage.

The attention in the aftermath of the game will undoubtedly be on the Falcons and Patriots playing their hearts out. But Lady Gaga’s performance joins the annals of Super Bowl halftime performances as one of the most incredible performances in recent memory.

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